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Auby K’s Wife Drops Charges!

Auby K’s Wife Drops Charges!

NEWLY-WEDS Aubrey “Auby K” Chikonye and wife Ratidzai Charumbira were back in court yesterday where the latter filed a withdrawal affidavit.

The couple appeared before magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube and the State applied to have the matter withdrawn, before plea, at Charumbira’s insistence.

Charumbira took to the witness stand and confirmed that she had deposited the affidavit freely and no longer intended to further pursue the matter.

The two were in court over physical abuse that resulted from a dispute over a cellphone.

The matter was reported at Borrowdale Police Station under CR349/10/22.

The State was alleging that on October 25, Charumbira was sleeping when Chikonye returned home from work.

Chikonye is said to have woken up his wife and requested to go through the call log on her cellphone.

Charumbira reportedly refused and Chikonye is said to have assaulted her.

He allegedly continued slapping her on the face and back before pushing her off the bed. Charumbira fell onto the floor and landed on the floor with her forehead, sustaining injuries on her forehead and upper lip.

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