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Fraudster Shingi Levison Muringi past skeleton Deals Tumble Out the Closet

Harare | Fraud accused Shingi Levison Muringi has again come under fire after his past skeleton deals tumbled out the closet following his recent bid to have current court case thrown out.

According to investigations done by ZiMetro News, Muringi is no stranger to fraud as he has duped Harare dealers off US$750 000.

In 2019, Muringi with his business partner only identified as Muneer Kazi duped Harare foreign currency dealers off their massive hard earned US$750 000 cash.

Muringi and his partner are alleged to have been given US$765 000 in cash in exchange for electronic RTGS$ money.

However, the two are alleged to have duped their business partners by supplying them with counterfeit proofs of payment.

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According to ZiMetro findings, Muringi is allegedly to have acquired his small wealth by duping people.

Muringi is currently going through a court battle following allegations that he used the same method to swindle a fuel dealer.

According to court documents seen by ZiMetro News, Shingi was not acquitted but given bail and is expected in court soon.

An agenda pushed online suggested that Shingi had been acquitted.

Below are the allegations:

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State prosecutor told the court that on July 19 , the complaint was contacted by Director of Northman Capital investment Phillip  Nyamadzawo who was looking for USD 85 000 on behalf of Muringi for the purchase of  diesel  in return of the equal  amount to be deposited into complaint Zambian account 62922127247.

It is alleged that on July 21  Muringi transferred USD 85 000 to the complaint Zambian account. The court heard that complaint transferred the money to Phillip Nyamadzawo in three batches of USD 25000 ,USD 50 000  and USD 10 000.

The State told the court that on July 27 the accused was contacted by Zambian FNB and advised that USD 85 000 which was deposited into his account was reversed by Muringi. The court learnt that Muringi used the money to buy  a Toyota Hilux  with registration number AGE 2352 for USD70 000.

On August 3 the complaint made a police report leading to the apprehension of Muringi.

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