Inter Fruit director ‘Michael Shongwe Ndoro’ throws Ex-Wife Under The Bus!

The director of INTERFRUIT, Michael Shongwe Ndoro, testified against his ex-wife on Tuesday in a case in which he accuses her of embezzling money and stealing from their marital enterprise.

Precious Star Ndoro, the ex-wife of Ndoro, entered a not-guilty plea when she was confronted by Harare regional magistrate Taurai Manuwere.

According to the allegations, from January 2014 to November 2018, Michael allegedly obtained two company bank statements and found that his ex-wife, who is also a director of the business, made a number of strange transfers totaling $2 419 091 into her personal accounts without providing any justification.

It is claimed that the corporation lost more than $2 million as a result of the transactions.

Precious denied the allegations and also denied ever receiving any trust property from the company as alleged.

She further told the court that she was married to Michael and the two have been going through an acrimonious divorce and matrimonial causes at the High Court, and the matrimonial causes include division of the couple’s matrimonial assets.

Precious told the court that there’s no consensus as to who gets what and during happier times, Precious was in charge of the factory, while Michael was in charge of the farm operations.

She added that they would withdraw money from the factory business for operations and family use and it was run on matrimonial consent and not on a resolution.

She said her ex-husband is malicious to bring the charges to court and is in contempt of a High Court order requiring him to conduct a forensic audit of the family business as he knows that it will betray his malicious intentions.

The State represented by Joice Fusire led evidence from Michael, who told the court that his ex-wife withdrew money from the company’s accounts.

Meanwhile, Michael and his mistress, Tunika Faenah Mkahanana, appeared before magistrate Clevere Tsikwa in a matter they are being accused of fraud by Precious.

The matter was deferred to February 6, for trial commencement because the duo’s lawyer was not available.

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