Michael Shongwe Ndoro mistress in court for fraud over directorship

THE mistress of Harare businessman Michael Shongwe Ndoro has been charged with fraud.

When Tunika Mkahanana, 40, came before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, she was not required to enter a plea.

According to the court, Michael and his ex-wife, Precious Ndoro of Umwinsdale, created a firm named Zororo Energy in 2018.

Each of them had a 50 percent share.

In 2019, the pair divorced due to a falling out.

The High Court reserved the issue of equitable division of marital assets, including Zororo Energy, for future proceedings.

Michael, on the other hand, departed their marital house with the company paperwork shortly after the divorce.

And, allegedly acting in connivance with Mkahanana, they generated a fake company resolution purporting that Precious had resigned her directorship and shareholding.

Michael then made Mkahanana a co-director.

After altering the documents, they submitted them to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) and then applied for an electricity generating licence.

ZERA advertised a public notice in a local newspaper, prompting Precious to approach the energy regulator.

She requested to inspect the Zororo Energy documents and saw that they had been forged and she filed a police report.

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