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“Our father’s jealous goblins do not allow us to have ƨǝx with anyone”

"Our father’s jealous goblins do not allow us to have ƨǝx with anyone"

Six Nyanga siblings aged between 30 and 56 years claim that they are still virg!ns as their jealousy goblin ‘spouses’ do not allow them to get intimate with anyone else.

The Matesva siblings say whenever they try to get intimɑte with anyone, they become weak and feel disgusted by the other party.

The six alleged that they were all mɑrried off to some goblins by their father Sekuru Amos Matesva and his brother Sekuru Nesbert Matesva.

The matter came to light at Acting Chief Saunyama’s court on Friday.

Getrude, Evelina, Isaac, Moses, Chrispen and Dennis Matesva were fuming when they appeared in court and later at traditional healer, Sekuru Shingirayi Mukotsanjera’s shrine.

Isaac, who is in his 50s, said despite being white haired, he has never been with a woman as he feels disgusted each time he gets close to a woman whom he is not related to.

“I do not know how it feels to be with a woman because I have never been with one. I want to get mɑrried and have children of my own. If you look at me, I am old enough to be a grandfather but I do not even have a girlfriǝnd.

“The goblins terrorise me and make me feel like I am slǝǝping with a w0man every night but when I wake up, women disgust me. I have talked to my father and uncle but they say that they cannot return the goblins as the traditional healer they consulted back then is long dead,” he said.

Moses said while his wish is to get married, he doubts that will ever happen as the goblins are very demanding ƨǝxuɑlly.

“Let me tell you the truth, our privatǝ parts are useless when we try to get intimatǝ with women. They are only useful in pleasuring the goblins because those are the wives that our father and uncle marriǝd us to.

“I have tried to get intimatǝ with a woman but I am useless in bǝd, nothing works down there and I have lost all hope of ever finding l0ve. Imagine getting into bǝd with a w0man and coming out a laughing stock,” he said.

Crispen said his sisters are also being ƨǝxuɑlly abused by the goblins.

“Look at our sisters, as beautiful as they are, they are all ƨǝx pets to the goblins, no man wants them. Just like we are disgusted by women, our sisters also disgust men. We know no wives, husbands or children in our family,” said Crispen.

Evelina, who is in her 40s, said she and her sisters brǝɑstfeed baboons and monkeys as well as have ƨǝx with them in their dreams.

The siblings have reportedly assaulted their father and uncle over the matter.

In an interview with The Weekender, Sekuru Amos Matesva confirmed that his goblins are terrorising his children.

He, however said a recent attempt to hand back the goblins hit a dead end after he was informed that the late traditional healer he consulted long back left an instruction for his family not to take back any goblins.

Sekuru Mukotsanjera shakes hands with Nesbert Matesva after he admitted that he acquired goblins long back.

Sekuru Matesva, who is in his 80s, said traditional healer Sekuru Mutseura, who is now late, helped him to protect his homestead spiritually.

He claimed that he was given some paraphernalia that later turned out to be goblins.

“When I was given these things, I did not know that they were goblins. I was only told later on after my children started being terrorised ƨǝxuɑlly by these goblins and I threw them away,” he said.

However, the goblins worsened their ƨǝxuɑl torments after that.

“I was then advised to go and pay Sekuru Mutseura for his services and tell him that I no longer needed the goblins. However, when I got there, he was already dead and his family refused to accept the payment saying they had been instructed not to.

I no longer know what to do as l also need my children to get married. I also want to play with my grandchildren,” he said.

His younger brother, Sekuru Nesbert Matesva, also said his own children are facing the same problem, adding that his children have deserted him because of that.

The Matesva siblings demanded for instant justice and threatened to assault the two elderly men before the court.

Acting Chief Saunyama referred the family to traditional healer, Sekuru Mukotsanjera.

“If you acquire anything from a traditional leader or a prophet, you should thank them later on in life but these two men failed to do so. After everything they wanted had been initiated by the goblins, they disposed of them instead of taking them back to the traditional healer and thanking them for their services.

This is why your families are being punished today,” he said.

Sekuru Mukotsanjera advised the two men to go to the late Sekuru Mutseura’s homestead and hand over a thank you fee for the services ‘provided’ by the goblins.

“Only then can your children be freed. Do not approach them and act as if you are returning the goblins, that will not work. Thank them for the goblins and you will be free of the goblins,” he said.

Source | Manica Post

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