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Police Officer’s Attempt to Revocate Bail Fails

Fraudster Last King Pvt Director 'Shingai Levison Muringi' In Money Laundering Storm!

Harare | A magistrate in Harare has denied the State’s request to revoke bail in the case of Tembinkosi Gerald Chigogwana and young businessman Levison Shingi Muringi, who are involved in a contentious USD85,000 transaction.

In dismissing the application, the magistrate noted that Detective Cornelias Evans Dangare’s testimony that Muringi was not reporting as stipulated in his bail conditions was false. Muringi’s adept lawyer, Claude Bare of Claude, Petronellah & Nomazulu At Law tendered an accurate reporting schedule form from Avondale Police Station which was verified by the Clerk of Court that the accused has been religiously reporting every Friday as per his bail conditions.

In his expertly crafted defense outline, Muringi’s lawyer told the court that the investigating officer’s actions raises eyebrows as to why would he bring a falsiified statement with unverified facts before the courts just to settle what seems like a personal score between him and the accused.

In his affidavit, Constable Dangare who is the Investigating Officer in this matter applied to the court to have Muringi’s warrant of liberation revoked citing that the accused was also interfering with state witnesses.

In the ruling, the Magistrate said that the issue of interfering with state witnesses, the State failed beyond all reasonable grounds to prove that the accused interfered as there was no evidence to backup those claims.

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In his claim that Muringi was interfering with state witnesses, Constable Dangare had recorded a statement from one Wilberforce Ruzvidzo, a Harare car dealer who sold a vehicle to Muringi at the same time when the dispute arised.

Dangare claimed in his affidavit that Muringi called Wilberforce Ruzvidzo requesting for altered receipts, a statement which was squashed in totality by the defense counsel as the two had no evidence to backup those claims.

It was the court which later established that the Ruzvidzo’s testimony cannot be taken into account since he was a seller who was trying to use state resources to pursue civil obligations in a criminal court as debated by Muringi’s lawyer.

In closing the ruling, the magistrate said that there was no basis to revoke Muringi’s bail and he should continue with his reporting schedule unaltered until the conclusion of this matter.

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