Tatiana Aleshina, the ‘fraudster,’ reported to ZACC

Georgios Katsimberis, a property developer, has reported controversial Harare land baron Ken Sharpe’s aide to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) for suspected obstruction of justice and contempt of court.

Katsimberis told Zacc that Sharpe’s Russian-born aide Tatiana Aleshina was hindering the course of justice in a case in which the businessman is accused with perjury, a claim that “powerful” Aleshina adamantly denies.

Sharpe, the owner of Pokugara Properties, and the property developer are entangled in a multi-layered legal conflict.

Sharpe and his aide, Michael John Van Blerk, as well as senior Harare City Council officials are being sued by Katsimberis for perjury and malicious damage to property when the local administration demolished his display home.

They stated that the homes he built on behalf of Pokugara Properties lacked approved designs.

The matter is still in the courts.

In the most recent instance, Katsimberis charged Aleshina of knowingly providing false information to public authorities, including dragging in the president’s office, contempt of court, and hindering the process of justice.

“As shown above, on the 12th and 14th of June 2019, the accused (Aleshina) wrote letters in her name and on behalf of the accused (Pokugara) to the town clerk of the City of Harare (Hosea Chisango) asking
him to withdraw criminal charge against officials of the accused (Pokugara) as well as against accused (Pokugara) in case number
CRB HR 14065/18 claiming in those letters the existence of support from “government and the highest office for such withdrawal of said on-going criminal charges,” Katsimberis

“It is clear from the letter that pressure was being brought to bear on a witness in an ongoing criminal investigation, which pressure included the direct and intimidatory
statement that those applying pressure enjoyed the support of the ‘government’ and the ‘highest office’ to demand what they were asking for; a withdrawal of ongoing criminal

Katsimberis claimed that Aleshina has been interfering with investigations to sway the case against him.

Aleshina denied the charges when contacted for comment by The Standard.

“Those are baseless allegations without any foundation of truth,”
she said.

“They are a desperate attempt to run away from the allegations he is facing.

“We gladly await for results into investigations.”

In a follow-up statement, Aleshina said she never supplied any false information to City of Harare officials.

She added: “Where and when did I ask the town clerk to do this? Has the town clerk been furnished with this allegation?

“I certainly know of no such thing having happened and would be happy to hear what he says, particularly the details as to when and where and how he came about the information.

“Is there evidence, or is it merely a bold assertion?

“The same is true of the contempt of court accusation.

“It is unclear how that would be a matter for the anti-corruption commission instead of the court in question.

“It would be interesting if you asked him (Katsimberis) why anyone would believe him given that he is aggrieved and has already demonstrated to be an unreliable witness.”

Zacc spokesperson Thandiwe Mlobane said the case was being handled by the police.

“What happens is that once it is being handled by a certain arm, we can’t interfere or have counter investigations lest we jeopardise the case”, said Mlobane.

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