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10 Injured In Another Zebra Kiss Accident!

10 Injured In Another Zebra Kiss Accident!

It is unfortunate to report that yet another incident has occurred involving a Zebra Kiss bus, as it has become a frequent occurrence lately.

According to credible sources, a Zebra Kiss bus travelling from South Africa on Tuesday night was involved in an accident in Mutare.

The accident occurred when the bus driver lost control while navigating a curve at Mutare Teachers College, in an attempt to avoid colliding with a truck. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but ten individuals including the driver were injured at the time of writing.

Pictures taken at the scene of the accident are disheartening, depicting a Zebra Kiss bus lying on its side, with a truck resting on its rear end. The front window of the bus was destroyed during the crash, and passengers had to scramble to find their way out of the overturned vehicle.

The aftermath of the accident paints a grim picture, with scattered parcels and debris from the trailer of the bus left in ruins all over the accident scene.

After the accident, the wounded were promptly rushed to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital to receive the medical attention they desperately needed.

The trailer carrying a variety of goods was heavily damaged, with some items scattered across the accident scene. To make matters worse, some of the items were looted overnight, adding insult to injury for the victims of this tragic incident.

You can view pictures of the Zebra Kiss bus accident in Mutare below:

Interestingly, another incident involving a commuter omnibus occurred on Wednesday, not far from the location of the Zebra Kiss bus accident. Thankfully, the five individuals involved in the commuter omnibus incident only suffered minor injuries.

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