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A New Era for Football: Why Rapper Stormzy and Football Star Wilfried Zaha Bought AFC Croydon Athletic

Wilfried Zaha

In a surprising and exciting move, British rapper Stormzy and footballer Wilfried Zaha have become joint owners of AFC Croydon Athletic, a ninth-tier football team in Croydon. This acquisition has sparked interest and curiosity among fans and analysts alike. Since the plans for the club’s development are ambitious, punters should follow the club news closely, although the results in the league the team competes in are too unpredictable. If you’re looking to enjoy a bit of wagering excitement, consider trying out the aviator game. With its simple guidelines and an in-depth review available at the link, it’s an engaging option for gaming enthusiasts.

This piece explores the underlying motives of this distinctive collaboration and its implications for the trajectory of football in the future.

What is AFC Croydon Athletic, Ninth-Tier Football Team from Croydon

AFC Croydon Athletic, also known as The Rams, competes in the Combined Counties Football League Premier Division South. The club plays at the Mayfield Stadium and is affiliated with the London Football Association. As a ninth-tier team, AFC Croydon Athletic represents the grassroots level of football, where community engagement and local talent development are key.

Who are Rapper Stormzy and Football Star Wilfried Zaha

Stormzy, a renowned British rapper, and Wilfried Zaha, a professional footballer for Crystal Palace, both hail from the Croydon area. Stormzy is known for hits like “Shut Up” and “Vossi Bop,” while Zaha has made a name for himself on the pitch. Together with former Crystal Palace head of player care Danny Young, they formed a three-man consortium to acquire AFC Croydon Athletic.

Plans to Develop AFC Croydon Athletic

The acquisition of AFC Croydon Athletic by Stormzy, Zaha, and Young is more than just a business venture. They have expressed excitement about developing a community asset in the borough that gave them their opportunities. Their plan is to own, operate, and develop their childhood hometown football club, taking the entire community on an exciting journey with them. The consortium aims to promote the team from the Combined Counties League Premier Division South and foster local talent.

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Other Active Footballers Who Own a Football Club

The trend of footballers owning clubs is not new. Other active players like Cesar Azpilicueta, Cesc Fabregas, Hector Bellerin, Jamie Vardy, Eden Hazard, and Wilfried Zaha himself (with Espoir Club D’Abengourou) have stakes in various clubs. These investments often align with personal interests, community engagement, and the desire to contribute to the sport beyond playing. Just recently N’golo Kante, a former Chelsea FC player, who moved to Saudi Arabia, has bought Royal Excelsior Virton, a football club from Belgium Second Division.


The joint ownership of AFC Croydon Athletic by Stormzy and Wilfried Zaha is a significant step in connecting sports, entertainment, and community. Their shared background and passion for their hometown have led them to invest in a local football club, reflecting a broader trend among active footballers. This acquisition goes beyond a mere business transaction; it’s a sincere dedication to the grassroots level of football and a dream to propel the club to unprecedented success. It’s an investment in the sport’s future and a tribute to the community that nurtured both Stormzy and Zaha.

By aligning themselves with their local team, Stormzy and Zaha are forging a path that others may find inspiring. Their stake in AFC Croydon Athletic is more than financial; it’s a symbol of how sports can bring people together, ignite inspiration, and catalyze positive transformation. It narrates a journey of returning to one’s roots, fueled by ambition, and a passion for football that knows no limits.

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