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A woman who has had HIV for 14 years shares her story!

A woman who has had HIV for 14 years shares her story!

A woman who has had HIV for the past 14 years has shared her story of overcoming her anxieties. She is now committed to helping others as the nation works to end the disease by 2030.

HIV testing was positive for Moud Chinembiri (38) in 2009.

She claimed to have taken part in many initiatives that support HIV-positive individuals in disclosing their status and avoiding stigma.

“I support the battle against stigma and encouraging young people to tell their relationships about their status.

“We make it enjoyable and urge people to come forwards so that the community and family are aware.

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“This helps as people do not feel that contracting the disease is the end of the world,” she said.

She said at first, she blamed herself for contracting the disease.

“I knew about HIV, but I was raped by my boyfriend and got pregnant with my first child.

“That is when I got the disease.

“It was not easy and something that I never expected would happen to me as I was aware of it.

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“I travelled the journey in fear and had a lot of self-stigma and suffered depression for six years.

“I was in denial and scared as I did not know what I was going to do with the child, but my mother was there to assist.”

She said delivering her first child was traumatic as she was not aware of the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT).

“When I delivered my first child, it was a traumatic experience as I had just found out that I was positive.

“I was then introduced to a support group of young people and started to learn more about HIV and how to take care of my child.

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“In 2014, I was asked to join a course on self-stigma and I joined because I wanted something that would take my mind off things which were troubling me.

“We had international facilitators who taught us for 12 weeks, and that changed the way I viewed things.”

She added:

“The course was a life changing experience as I was empowered to walk my journey.

“I had a lot of bitterness towards my boyfriend but, after the course, I forgave him.

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“That is when I decided to help other mothers who went through similar experiences.

“I want to help change the lives of others,” she said.

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