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All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold, Comic Pastor In Abuse Storm, EXPOSED!

All that glitters isn't necessarily gold, Comic Pastor In Abuse Storm, EXPOSED!

Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi, a comedian and social media influencer, has been accused of beating his ex-wife during their one-year marriage.

The shocking allegations were originally revealed by Munyaradzi Mavura on her Facebook status.

She discussed her experience with H-Metro yesterday.

The Comedy Pastor, however, rejected Munyaradzi’s accusations as unfounded.

“Noddy is the only wife I know, and she is the only one I am wed to. We were married six years ago. Handsome you.

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“I will make a statement if Noddy contacts the media to voice his complaints.

Because I am now in England, please contact Noddy.

Mavura told H-Metro yesterday she suffered abuse at the hands of the Comic Pastor and her coming out, six years after they separated, was not driven by jealousy, as she had now healed.

“I was married to Prosper for a year and during that period, I suffered like no man’s business.

“He thoroughly beat me up after I had a heated exchange with his current wife, Noddy Zizhou, who was his girlfriend then.

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“I remember a day in September 2016 when I responded to a WhatsApp message Noddy had sent to Prosper. I said I miss you, pretending to be Prosper.

“That day ndakarohwa senyoka yapinda mumba even though I was pregnant. Kurohwa then became almost a normal thing. The abuse continued in different forms, but the beatings were the worst.”

She said the Comic Pastor and Noddy combined in tormenting her.

“They called me a witch, shoved me into a car and drove to my parents’ house to cause a scene.

“I told my parents on the phone not to come out because they wanted to cause so much commotion in front of my parents’ neighbours.

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“I ended up having a miscarriage due to this. I lost our innocent unborn baby, but he showed no concern whatsoever.”

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