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Angry Faith Nketsi contemplates divorcing Nzuzo Njilo.

Angry Faith Nketsi contemplates divorcing Nzuzo Njilo.

With the premiere of the new season of her reality TV series, Have Faith, well-known Mzansi reality TV actress and influencer Faith Nketsi has created a complete buzz in South Africa.

The celebrity discusses leaving her marital home in episode one after having issues with her spouse Nzuzo Njilo. Nzuzo became popular online a few months ago after the Port Shepstone police published a wanted poster with his picture and issued an arrest warrant.

In the midst of all of that, Faith uploaded a cute black-and-white photo of Nzuzo playing with their daughter Sky, which many people assumed was a front.

And now she has finally opened up about the reality of her marriage.

When it comes to her marriage to Nzuzo Njilo, who has been charged with fraud and a variety of other offences, Faith Nketsi Njilo has always left people in the dark.

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She continued to publish pictures of her lovely and content family even while speculations of their breakup circulated.

even after Nzuzo turned himself in to the police when a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Following the issuance of the arrest warrant, Faith posted a picture of her fugitive spouse playing with their infant on Instagram.

She said in the photo’s caption, “They play way too much.”

She has definitely left her marital home, and the first episode of Have Faith season 5 has now made it known that she could possibly be thinking about getting a divorce.

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She said that having to leave her married home and move back in with her mother caused her a great deal of humiliation during one of her journal sessions on the programme.

Since you last saw me, I’ve been getting used to being a wife and a new mother. At the beginning of the broadcast, she declares, “I relocated from my matrimonial house.

She added in her video journal, “What was collapsing, my whole marriage was collapsing right in front of my eyes.”

It’s such an unpleasant circumstance, she said, “I’m ashamed for my soul.”

She also sees a divorce attorney at the conclusion of the episode.

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People on social media have commented on the news and seem to feel awful for Faith. Many others also questioned if their marriage would survive all the commotion.

One commenter said, “I honestly was pulling for Njilo & Faith Nkentsi. I hope they are not playing with our emotions simply to gain more views for the programme, but at the same time I dn’t want the divorce to happen.

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