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Controversial Medical Aid Plan For Schools by Budget Health Medical Aid Society Burdens Families, Ignites Ponzi Scheme Fears

Another Ponzi Scheme to Fleece Parents as Schools and Budget Health Medical Aid Society Introduce Medical Aid for Students

Harare – Budget Health, a medical aid society, has come under intense scrutiny following revelations that it has partnered with schools to impose medical aid payments on already struggling parents.

This new scheme, which many are comparing to a Ponzi scheme, has sparked outrage due to its lack of transparency and the sudden financial burden it places on families.

The mandatory medical aid plan, introduced without a public tender process, has left many parents questioning the legitimacy and necessity of the arrangement. The decision to partner with Budget Health, a company with a relatively unknown background, has further fueled suspicions and concerns.

One parent, expressing the frustration of many by saying, “This feels like another Ponzi scheme designed to take advantage of us. We’re already having a hard time keeping up with school fees, and now we have to pay for this medical aid that we never asked for.”

According to the documents seen by ZiMetro News, the insurance company in partnership with schools sent fliers reading:


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We welcome you to the schools second term of 2024. Hopefully you had a blessed holiday. The school has engaged Budget Health Medical Aid Society, as adopted by parents & guardians at the last Annual General Meeting, to provide Medical Aid Cover and Funeral Cash Benefit (EDUCARE) to students on and off the school environment.

This cover is also in line with Circular P54 from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, which encourages schools to have insurance group covers. The Medical Aid Cover will attract a premium of either $10 per student per term (With Access to selected Government Facilities/Hospitals, Mission Hospitals & Council Hospitals or $20 per student per term (with Access to Selected Private Hospitals) depending on the choice of the Parent/Guardian.

The other benefit which the student will enjoy include; Ambulance Services, Hospitalization, Private Doctor visits, Access to Pharmacies & laboratories, Dental procedures, Eye Checkup (Refraction) and Therapy.

The school is also set to benefit in terms of donations and partnerships from Budget Health Medical Aid Society as part of their Social corporate responsibility.

The premiums/contributions for your child can be paid at the school on or before the 27th of May 2024 and the Medical Aid cards will be issued thereafter. Wishing you a healthy and blessed second term.”

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Another Ponzi Scheme to Fleece Parents as Schools and Budget Health Medical Aid Society Introduce Medical Aid for Students

Efforts to obtain a comment from Budget Health Medical Aid Society have been unsuccessful, leaving many questions unanswered. The opacity surrounding the selection process of Budget Health as the medical aid provider has only deepened the mistrust among parents and stakeholders.

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Critics argue that the lack of a transparent tender process suggests potential impropriety. “Why was a company with no substantial background chosen for such an important job? We need answers,” demanded another concerned parent.

The scheme has raised numerous questions:

  • Why was Budget Health selected without a public tender?
  • What criteria were used to determine the suitability of Budget Health for this partnership?
  • How will this additional financial burden impact already struggling families?

Parents are also worried about the quality and reliability of the medical aid services being provided. “We don’t even know if Budget Health can deliver on their promises. What happens if they fail?” asked a skeptical parent.

This media house is committed to uncovering the full story behind this controversial partnership.

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Efforts are underway to get to the bottom of how Budget Health was chosen and to provide clarity on the terms and implications of the medical aid scheme.


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