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BBC ‘sex pics scandal’ depends, Instagram chat with teenage leaked!

Sex Scandal BBC broadcaster called the teen victim!
The headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are pictured in London on March 11, 2023. - The BBC's sport service was in meltdown on Saturday after pundits and commentators refused to work in support of presenter Gary Lineker, who was forced to "step back" after accusing the government of using Nazi-era rhetoric. Match of the Day presenter Lineker, England's fourth most prolific goalscorer, sparked an impartiality row by criticising the British government's new policy on tackling illegal immigration. (Photo by Susannah Ireland / AFP)

The BBC celebrity at the crux of the sex photographs controversy is now being sued by four different young people.

The broadcaster, who has not been identified but has been described as “known by millions,” sparked outrage last week when the Sun reported charges that he paid a youngster for sex photos.

The drama took a turn over the weekend when the individual’s attorneys made a statement declaring ‘nothing untoward or criminal’ had occurred between their client and the broadcaster.

Pressure has risen on the BBC in the days afterwards, and Director General Tim Davie confirmed yesterday that he still hasn’t talked to the celebrity in question when fielding questions about the incident.

Since then, three more people have made allegations against the broadcaster, as fellow stars pile pressure on him to come forward and address the claims publicly.

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‘A star paid a vulnerable adolescent £35,000 for sex photos, financing the teen’s drug addiction.’

On Friday night, claims surfaced that one of the BBC’s top personalities paid a vulnerable adolescent £35,000 for sexual images that the child used to buy crack cocaine.

The well-known broadcaster allegedly started paying the adolescent when they were 17, and provided them money to finance their drug addiction.

The child’s mother, who originally made the stunning claims in May, told the Sun she feels’sick’ anytime she sees the guy on TV, as concerns arose over why the corporation waited so long to act.

The star allegedly asked ‘performances’ from the individual, who then promised their mother they would ‘get their parts out’.

A formal complaint was made to the BBC by the family two months ago, begging bosses to stop the behaviour towards their child, now 20.

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The young person at the centre of the controversy said on Monday via a lawyer, according to BBC News At Six, that nothing inappropriate or unlawful happened with the unnamed presenter.

However, their mother told The Sun they stand by the claims and a spokesperson for the newspaper said it is ‘now for the BBC to properly investigate’.

‘Presenter wrote aggressive and frightening communications to a young person he met on a dating app.’

On Tuesday afternoon, shocking second report surfaced, accusing the same broadcaster of sending abusive and frightening communications to person in their twenties.

The new person alleges that the male presenter contacted her anonymously on dating app.

According to the BBC, they allege they were pressured to meet with the celebrity but never did.

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When they intimated online that they would name them, they claim they were bombarded with hateful remarks laced with expletives.

According to the BBC, the communication between the individual in their twenties and the broadcaster began on a dating app and progressed to other platforms.

The broadcaster then disclosed his name to the young guy and urged him not to tell anyone.

Later, the young person commented online, implying that he had communication with a BBC broadcaster and indicating that they could name him.

The host then sent a series of ‘threatening texts,’ which the BBC says it saw and confirmed were from the presenter’s phone number.

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According to the BBC, the young individual felt ‘threatened’ by the texts and’remains afraid’.

‘Star violated lockdown regulations to meet a 23-year-old man he met on a dating website and handed £650 to.’

Just hours later, the singer was labelled a ‘complete hypocrite’ for reportedly violating Covid guidelines by meeting a 23-year-old stranger via a dating website.

The anonymous broadcaster was accused of violating the third national lockdown for a meeting with a young person in 2021, when the BBC was encouraging millions of people to heed the restrictions as part of its coverage of the epidemic.


According to The Sun, the third individual stated that they met after months of communication and that the presenter paid them £650 in cash and requested for a photograph.

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The individual said that during the encounter, which took place months after they began communicating on the dating service in November 2020, ‘he came round for an hour…. We simply talked. He was fixated on my preparing him a cup of tea.’

According to the individual in an interview with the newspaper, they met since they didn’t have a photo of the presenter, but they ‘put two and two together’ when the BBC star gave him his name and what he did for a job.

They said that the host was keen to meet in person and asked to do so even as the limitations ‘kept becoming harsher’ as the epidemic progressed.

When they rejected down opportunities to see the BBC broadcaster, he allegedly sent ‘a bombardment of texts’ indicating he ‘felt unwelcome’.

When they did meet, the 23-year-old claims he ‘came round for an hour’.

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‘Broadcaster messaged adolescent on Instagram with weird messages that included heart emoticons and kisses.’


Last night, a fourth young person claimed that the singer sent them ‘creepy’ Instagram messages when they were 17.

The kid said they were approached ‘out of the blue’ by the host, who sent them messages containing love hearts and kisses. It is unclear whether the BBC celebrity was aware of the age of the follower.

The person, now 22, told The Sun that the male sent them a love heart emoji in October 2018 despite never speaking to him previously.

‘Ahahaha sweet. How it’s going at the BBC?’ the follower is said to have replied.

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‘All good thanks x. You ok?’ the star allegedly wrote, followed by a love heart.

‘Aha yeah why?’ the follower said, to which the star replied, ‘Just being polite’.

This was followed by sporadic messages between the pair, with the star even advising them to take part in a BBC school scheme when given the opportunity.

The youngster said: ‘Looking back now it does seem creepy because he was messaging me when I was still at school.’

They added: ‘Knowing what I know now, I feel I was a bit naive.’

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At one point the individual appeared to grow frustrated when the BBC star did not reply, writing: ‘No reply then.’

The presenter ceased using love hearts and emoticons in following exchanges, especially when school was addressed. ‘In light of what know now, it feels as though when he understood wasn’t flirting back then, he changed the way he would respond,’ the teen continued.

Source | BBC | The Sun | ZiMetro News |

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