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Bets On Halves In Football: The Second Is More Productive Than The First Or 1>2

Football betting

In the football line of betwinner sportsbook, there are bets on the comparison of performance in halves. You can bet which half will have more goals scored, or indicate an equal number of goals in each half. In each case, the odds are always higher than 2. 

We will learn in detail how to bet on goals in the first and second halves, and when there is a reason to bet on parity.

Second half better than first

Almost always, the odds that the second half is more productive than the first are lower. This is due to the fact that more goals are scored after the break. Teams usually play it safe at half time and then open up and create more chances, some of which turn into goals. 

When looking for teams for such a bet, two parameters must be taken into account – statistics for Over (2.5) for the entire match and Over (0.5) for the second half. We are looking for teams with a lot of matches with a total “lower total” and more scoring in the second half. 

First half better than second

As mentioned above, the odds for option 1>2 are always higher, and significantly. You can take advantage of this by making profitable bets. Again, you will need performance statistics in the first halves. We select the teams that scored/conceded more often by the break.

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If the average number of goals exceeds 1.2, then such a team is suitable. We can expect that at least a goal will be scored by the break. The minimum odds for a bet on 1>2 must be 3.2. In this case, it is enough to guess a third of the deals in order to consistently play plus flat. A simple calculation shows that 33% of wins with odds of 3.5 give a profit of 17% from turnover. Not a bad result.

Unlike the first technique, matches of high-scoring teams are suitable for this scheme. It is better to select fights of top tournaments. In this case, you will be able to catch a larger coefficient. 

The risk that more goals will be scored in the second half pays off with a high odds. The expectation is that high-scoring teams will not be cautious from the first minutes, but will go forward. In this case, the chances of seeing goals by the break will be good. And the probability that by the break there will be more goals than in the second half is not as small as shown in the odds.

In fact, the meaning of this football betting strategy is to bet on the largest odds that do not correspond to the real probability. To verify this, we compare the performance of teams in halves and put not those that scored more often before the break.

We have defined the following betting algorithm for 1>2:

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  • We select matches with a minimum coefficient of 3.2;
  • We focus on teams with high performance in the first halves;
  • We bet on top championships, with higher odds.
  • Matches of teams that are not satisfied with a draw are suitable.

The last point is very important. Teams that are charged to win are suitable for us. If the standings oblige opponents to go on the attack with large forces, then the chances of goals will always be higher. 

Of these duels, we note the return matches of the playoffs of European cups, or the last rounds of the championships, when one group of teams is fighting for survival, and the second — for prizes and European cup places.

Bets on an equal number of goals in halves

The bookmakers give the highest odds for teams to score the same number of goals in each half. As a rule, the coefficient reaches 3.5. 

Let’s say right away that if the opponents did not score a single goal, then the bet is defined as losing.

Choice of matches. For this betting scheme, fights of approximately equal teams are best suited, which will suit a draw. In this case, you can count on parity in goals. It is optimal if teams often play at TM (2.5). In this case, the probability of an equal number of goals in each half increases.

How much to bet?

Depending on the odds, the bettor will be able to apply one or another scheme for calculating the size of bets. For bets on 2>1, it is almost always possible to catch the odds. 3. So, a flat is also suitable, when the bettor allocates up to 4% of the bank, but also the Fibonacci sequences and “2 out of 6”.

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For betting on the performance of the second half, it is optimal to allocate 4%, that is, use a flat (a fixed percentage of the bank).

These financial strategies, besides flat, are mild variations of catching up, when the bettor has many attempts to win. It is better to exclude the classic catch-up as a riskier financial strategy.

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