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Brazen Pair Nab Car from ZACC Exhibit

Jossam Aarons and Privilege Matibu appeared in court yesterday and are being charged with defeating the course of justice.

Jossam Aarons and Privilege Matibu made a brazen move by towing away a car held by Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officials as evidence on a farm.

The duo found themselves in court yesterday, facing charges of obstructing justice in a case that began with ZACC’s investigation into multiple fraud instances targeting pensioners, resulting in the arrest of Tawanda Matau and Bernard Chizunza, who await trial in custody. Luckmore Matuku and Precious Sunungurai Muzenda, their accomplices, remain elusive.

Back in February, ZACC pursued Matuku, who had fled to Matepatepa, Bindura, to evade capture. Despite their efforts, Matuku eluded the officers, leading them to Gilati Farm in Glendale, where he sought refuge.

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Matuku’s escape left behind a locked Nissan X-trail, registered as AFG 0708, which the team couldn’t transport to Harare due to missing keys. Resorting to drastic measures, they stripped the vehicle of its wheels and computer box, informing the farm occupants of ZACC’s seizure.

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The vehicle, belonging to Shorai Grace Chaora, implicated in Matuku’s activities, was officially seized and earmarked as ZACC evidence. Jossam Aarons

However, on March 30, a twist emerged when investigators learned that Aarons and Matibu, aided by a wrecker, attempted to reclaim the car. Prompt action from ZACC resulted in the arrest of the daring duo, adding another layer to this unfolding saga.

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