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Brian Ticky Apologises For Using Chamisa’s Image on Campaign Posters

Brian Ticky, a Candidate From Mount Pleasant, Apologises For Using Chamisa's Image on Campaign Posters

In the impending by-election for the Mt Pleasant National Assembly seat, independent candidate Brian Ticky has apologised for using the picture of Nelson Chamisa, the former head of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), on his campaign materials.

Ticky apologised for using Chamisa’s picture on his posters, pamphlets, and other campaign materials during a news conference on Tuesday. This came after claims made by Gift Siziba, one of Chamisa’s closest allies, that Ticky received funds from ZANU PF. He said:

“We believed that during our campaign, we had offended someone. I would like to use this chance to express my regret and dispel the rumours that ZANU PF is purportedly funding my campaign.”

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Brian Ticky made it clear that he is running for a legislative position in order to preserve Chamisa’s vision, which he feels was abandoned too soon. He declared:

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“I am getting into these by-elections in support of the former CCC president Nelson Chamisa’s vision because I see him as a charismatic leader who is simple of hope and the possibility of a better Zimbabwe for all.”

He made it clear that his intention in using Chamisa’s picture was to demonstrate support for Chamisa’s goal rather than to disparage anyone or mislead the people.

Ticky further disputed claims that he was associated with either ZANU PF or Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), claiming to be an independent candidate. He said:

“Neither FAZ nor ZANU PF am I. As an independent, I am running for office. I am not proud to be linked with ZANU PF, which is why I am distancing myself from everything related to them. I oppose their system of government.”


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