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British Mining Company ‘Cluff Africa’ Returns to Zimbabwe

Caledonia Mining Plc Expects Reduce in Profits Amid Rising Costs

Excitement reverberates through Zimbabwe’s mining sector as British mining powerhouse, Cluff Africa, announces its return to the country to forge a groundbreaking partnership with Mutapa Investment Fund. The focus? Mining lithium in Mberengwa, a venture set to reshape Zimbabwe’s industrial minerals landscape and inject vitality into its economy.

Chairman of Cluff Africa, Mr. Algy Cluff, alongside his delegation, embarked on a pivotal journey to explore investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. Their meeting with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Dr. Frederick Shava, marked a milestone in the resurgence of foreign investment interest in the country.

This reunion stems from an invitation extended by President Mnangagwa during a historic encounter at the coronation of King Charles III last year. President Mnangagwa’s call to reinvest in Zimbabwe resonated deeply with Mr. Cluff, who expressed a desire to revive mining operations in the country, building on his pioneering legacy with Freda-Rebecca mining company in Bindura.

The partnership envisaged between Cluff Africa and Mutapa Investment Fund signifies a strategic alliance poised to unlock Zimbabwe’s vast mining potential. Under this agreement, Cluff Africa is set to own 65 percent, with Mutapa Fund holding the remaining 35 percent, showcasing a commitment to inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

What’s more, Cluff Africa’s pledge to allocate 10 percent of its shareholding to workers underscores a dedication to empowerment and equitable wealth distribution—a commendable initiative applauded by stakeholders.

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Minister Shava hailed the visit as a testament to Zimbabwe’s successful re-engagement efforts, highlighting the country’s readiness to embrace mutually beneficial partnerships with international investors. With the specter of past challenges behind, Zimbabwe emerges as an attractive destination for investment, offering stability and boundless opportunities for growth.

For Mr. Cluff, this return to Zimbabwe represents a homecoming of sorts—a resurgence of his pioneering spirit that first took root in the country’s mining sector in 1980. His vision for substantial investment in industrial minerals heralds a new era of economic prosperity, poised to unleash a steady stream of revenue over the next three to four decades.

The Cluff delegation’s visit to Mberengwa, coupled with their thorough due diligence, underscores their commitment to understanding the intricacies of Zimbabwe’s mining landscape. With a focus on sustainable and efficient operations, Cluff Africa is poised to contribute to Zimbabwe’s economic revival while fostering positive change within local communities.

As Zimbabwe welcomes back Cluff Africa with open arms, the stage is set for a transformative partnership—one that promises to redefine the trajectory of the country’s mining sector and pave the way for shared success and prosperity.

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