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Burglar Sodomized In Chitungwiza After Being Caught Breaking Into a House!

Security Guards Force Thief to Mªsturbªté on camera

A burglar from Chitungwiza, who was savagely sσdοmized by the owner of the home he broke into on Wednesday night, will never forget it for the rest of his life.

In the neighbouring Rockview, Tyler Mutitima (age 24) of Zengeza 1 and his three accomplices, Donnell Mapuranga (age 21), Tinotenda Muringi (age 23), and Khaya Chimwemwe (age 25), went on the search. They scaled Vakayi Cheziya’s wall and broke into his residence. Three of the robbers fled when the kitchen alarm went off.

Mutitima wasn’t so lucky as he tripped falling on the kitchen floor. Cheziya (33) reportedly pummeled Mutitima with fists and then dragged him to the lounge where he undressed him and then inserted his pipi into the housebreaker’s backside. Mutitima’s screams aroused neighbours who banged on Cheziya’s gate. Witnesses say that Mutitima was so shaken that he named his partners in crime.

“Akakuvadzwa mukomana, kufamba aitadza akazotiudza kuti aiitwa nekumashure naVakayi ane zimupini rinotizwa nemahure chaiwo,” said a neighbour Mai Tevin.

It was unclear if the police had been involved in the matter.

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