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Call for Council Action Against Informal Transport (Mushikashika)

Call for Council Action Against Informal Transport (Mushikashika)

Public transport operators in Harare are urging the city council to designate alternative locations for ranks as they prepare to crack down on illegal operators causing disruptions in the Central Business District (CBD).

Bus and kombi drivers are calling for police enforcement of existing regulations and the suspension of operations for those failing to comply. There has been a notable increase in both inter-city and cross-border bus operators openly soliciting and competing for passengers in the CBD, blatantly violating council by-laws.

One bus driver, known as Bla Moze, emphasized the need for government intervention to restore order on the city streets. He suggested impounding and suspending the licenses of buses operating illegally to deter others from breaking city by-laws.

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Another operator expressed frustration, stating that illegal operators were unfairly taking away their business. They highlighted the expenses and regulations legitimate operators adhere to, contrasting them with the impunity enjoyed by illegal operators.

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National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, issued a warning to operators breaking the law, emphasizing that they face arrest. He urged the public to report any illegal activities to the local police.

Concerning pirate taxis (mushikashika)transport picking up passengers from unauthorized points, Nyathi affirmed that such actions violate the law, and perpetrators will face arrest for operating without permits and violating the Highway Code.

Harare City Council spokesperson, Stanley Gama, was unavailable for comment at the time of reporting.

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