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Calls To Boycott Kenya Airways Amid Customer Complaints

There have been calls on social media to boycott or cancel Kenya Airways after a Zimbabwean woman shared her negative experiences with the airline.

The woman, named Fadzi, reported that she had received poor service from the airline on two separate occasions. She mentioned that her baggage was delayed and arrived damaged, with some items missing, including an AirTag that was still at the airport in Harare.

Fadzi expressed her disappointment and suggested that people should choose another airline instead of Kenya Airways. In a post seen by ZiMetro News, she said:

I got my bag today, 6 days after I left Hre on @KenyaAirways @KQSupport (Kenya Airways Support) My bag is damaged beyond repair, items are missing including my AirTag which is still at Hre airport. @KenyaAirways calls itself ‘pride of Africa’ but after this experience, they should be ashamed.

I had to beg for my luggage twice. 1st I got to Hre & got my bag after 4 days; back home, I got my bag after 6 days. I implore you to find another airline to use, @KenyaAirways has been nothing but HORRIBLE.

If it had been one way I’d have said bad luck. Twice is deliberate.

In response to Fadzi’s tweet, other individuals also shared their own negative experiences with the airline.

One Twitter user mentioned using Ethiopian Airlines instead, highlighting their positive experience with the alternative carrier.

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Several users expressed their dissatisfaction with Kenya Airways, mentioning flight delays, poor communication, and lost luggage as common issues they had encountered. Some individuals vowed never to use the airline again.

Some even called it Mushika-shika, a term used in Zimbabwe to refer to an informal public transportation system.

One person recalled a distressing experience involving both Kenya Airways and Dnata in Dubai, which led to financial losses.

Another user claimed that their return flight to Melbourne was canceled by Kenya Airways, and they were still waiting for a refund.

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The sentiment on social media seemed to be overwhelmingly negative towards the airline, with many users sharing their disappointment and frustration.

Some Twitter users recommended considering other airlines, such as KLM or Ethiopian Airlines, as more reliable alternatives to Kenya Airways.

They cited reasons such as better customer service, convenient loyalty programs, and a history of consistent performance.

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