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Cash App CEO Bob Lee killed!

Cash App CEO Bob Lee killed!

As the search for Cash App creator Bob Lee’s murder continues, San Francisco police say they are pursuing undisclosed leads.

Brutal facts of the murder, which allegedly occurred during an early morning mugging, continue to surface, but investigators have made no mention of being close to apprehending a suspect.

“Anytime we have somebody who has committed murder, we should all be concerned if they are out and about on our streets,” San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins told ABC7. That is why the San Francisco Police Department is working so hard to solve this case… Unfortunately, this will take some time to resolve.”

Mr Lee was found dead outside a fancy residential residence in Rincon Hill at 2.35 a.m. on Tuesday after witnesses reportedly refused to assist the tech mogul when he sought assistance.

The case has reignited public indignation over violence in the city, with friends disclosing that Mr Lee had just migrated to Miami for this reason.

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“He did comment on San Francisco deteriorating,” Jake Shields, a former MMA fighter and friend of Mr Lee, told NewsNation.

Source | UK News


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