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Lower Your Electric, Gas, and Water Bills This Fall: Real-World Solutions Lower Your Electric, Gas, and Water Bills This Fall: Real-World Solutions


With still-high grocery prices, gas prices, and rent, you may be faced with some difficult decisions this autumn season. How can you save money on monthly costs such as gas, electric, water, and air conditioning? Electricity and energy prices are expected to continue high for the foreseeable future, putting American households on the hook for hundreds of dollars in utility bills. Rather of stretching your budget, try adopting some behavioural adjustments that will minimise your energy use and, as a result, your expenses. ZiMetro News staffers have been tracking changing electricity rates for several months and have authored multiple stories with ideas and...

May 2023's Top Personal Loans May 2023's Top Personal Loans


Borrowers of student loans are seeing the end of an era. After a three-year vacation, interest on federal student debt began collecting again on...

Mortgage demand drops to 27-year low as interest rates pull back Mortgage demand drops to 27-year low as interest rates pull back


Mortgage interest rates fell somewhat last week after climbing substantially for many weeks, but not enough to boost mortgage demand. According to the Mortgage...

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Harare | NSSA board chairman Mr Emmanuel Fundira has come under criticism after it was revealed that he utilised pension money to finance his...

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