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CCC Vows Non-Violent Means To Gain Power

CCC Vows Non-Violent Means To Gain Power

Gift Ostallos Siziba, the CCC’s deputy spokesperson, emphasized that the party will use non-violent means to gain state power.

He urged young people to avoid participating in a violent revolution and criticized Jonathan Moyo for negative comments. The revolution, according to Siziba, is a local struggle led by CCC. CITE quotes him as saying:

There are people, our other parties saying Chamisa has no plan, let me tell you, this struggle. When we were persecuting this struggle for 20 years, we know the enemy that we are dealing with, they wanted us to be in the streets, to cause violence so that they would arrest the leader of the revolution.

We know their behaviour because I say to you fellow young people, our method of struggle is the ballot, there are those who want a violent revolution, they have a right to define their struggle, define their methods, prosecute it, our method as CCC is a non-violent national democratic revolution to the power of the ballot.

Now our friend we grew up with in Tsholotsho, Jonathan Moyo, he says to us CCC is weak and so forth, he is speaking in Kenya, this struggle is local, the revolution is local, the revolution is not being televised from Nairobi, the revolution is here, we are leading it here.

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He also expressed confidence in the party’s victory in the upcoming elections and highlighted that the party achieved a whitewash despite facing several challenges. He said:

We hear them saying CCC is not going to win, let me tell you, there was a survey by research Institutions, they predicted a Chamisa victory, police survey: Chamisa victory, military survey: Chamisa victory, they know that when it comes to the election, no one in the body politics of this country can defeat Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Siziba pointed out that despite CCC facing several challenges, including losing their headquarters and members of parliament, they emerged victorious in the March 26, 2022 by-elections, which he attributed to the nature of the democratic revolution as a revolution of culture.

The party has not yet announced its election candidates, despite the Nomination Courts sitting in a few days.

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