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Chamisa’s CCC has only three officials

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Five days ago, Nelson Chamisa was asked by Blessing Mhlanga on HStv Zimbabwe’s #FreeTalk [see clip and YouTube link below] why he says his #CCC is strong when it only has three office bearers; like Zambia’s immediate past ruling party of former President Edgar Lungu, which is now dead like a dodo with just three officer bearers since 2021, after it lost power ignominiously.

The Mhlanga-Chamisa @HStvZim interview on this went like:


“How do you say you are strong Advocate Chamisa you have got a party that only has a president, a spokesperson – an interim spokesperson – and a deputy spokesperson and no other POSITION”?


“Do you know Mr Chibaya? What is his role? I’m just asking you because we have all the necessary FUNCTIONS; organising, elections you name it, and we are FUNCTIONING very well, and we are so happy; the leadership that is being provided is excellent”.


Three things are very clear from this telling interview.

First, Chamisa challenged Mhlanga’s assertion [which is actually a widely shared view in the public domain] that #CCC has three officials – himself, Mahere and Ostallos and only added a fourth, Chibaya and pointed to a fifth, with a role on elections [thought to be Ian Makone].

This means Chamisa confirmed four officials by name and suggested five positions, without naming the fifth official responsible for it. From this, it is self-evident that out of the five officials, only three – namely Chamisa, Mahere and Ostallos – are the most active and the most visible. They run #CCC.

Second, and significantly, while Mhlanga’s question was pointedly about “positions” and positions only; Chamisa’s answer was on the one hand about “POSITIONS” and on the other hand about “FUNCTIONS’, in what is a display of his new stock phrase, “the doctrine of strategic ambiguity”, which might politically backfire like a boomerang.

Positions are not functions and functions are not positions.

On positions, as has been indicated above, Chamisa effectively conceded that at best there are four and no more than five officials with positions in #CCC. He then made a sweeping statement that, “we have all the “NECESSARY FUNCTIONS” and “we are FUNCTIONING very well and are so happy, the leadership that is being provided is excellent”.

In other words, the long and short of it is that the four or five officials in post are performing ALL THE NECESSARY FUNCTIONS.

Third, the one and only inescapable conclusion from the foregoing is that Chamisa is either finding himself in the deep end, out of his depth and running out of breadth; or he is deliberately and purposefully saying and doing dysfunctional things to achieve assured political failure, for reasons that will only become apparent to all and sundry sooner or later.

Which is which? Time will tell.

For now, there can be no gainsaying that these are matters of immense public interest in light of the forthcoming general election, which need to be unmasked and debated robustly, without fear or favour!

Source – Twitter

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