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Chihure Muchurch | Apostle Maxwell Mamombe Dumps Wife For Younger Congregant!

A KADOMA priest has left his wife and five children to marry a teenage congregant.

They married in South Africa in a private ceremony.

Rosemary Mamombe was deserted by Apostle Maxwell Mamombe of Voices of God International Ministries in order to marry Barbara Museri.

According to reports, the newlywed pair attended The Unshakeable Revival at Strand Secondary School in South Africa from June 9-11.

They were with Bishop and Prophetess Moyo, a South African couple.

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Barbara became a member of Voices of God International Ministries in 2018.

Their marriage was revealed to the Voice of God International Ministries (Hebron Assembly) at Rimuka, Kadoma via a Whatsapp audio message from South Africa.

“Voice of God Hebron, maswera sei, ini ndaswera zvakanaka ndiri kuchengetwa nashe ndine nyasha dzaMwari.

“Mwari vari kundiitira zvakanaka and I hope I find you well, especially Hebron Assembly.

“I’ve a very important message for you,

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“I think you must hear it from me as your father, father in the Lord, nyaya iri kutaurika nezvayo, nyaya iri kunzi iri kudai nekudai, ndinokumbirisa nenyasha dzaMwari sezvandakataura last week.

“I told you that kuti ngakurege kuita munhu anokonzeresa kana kukonzeresa vamwe kuti varegedze kunamata Mwari nekuti vazhinji takauya kuzonzwa shoko raMwari, hatina kuuya kuzotsvaga nyaya dzevanhu.

“Kana kuuya kuzotsvaga kuti nhingi anorarama sei, takauya kuzonzwa izwi raMwari uye tichiona kubata kwaMwari.

“Ndiri kunzwa zvekare kuti parikusekuleta imwe nyaya iri kuti kwakaonekwa photo rekuno (South Africa) ndiri kuno saka ndati regedzai ndikupindurei imimi sevana vangu.”

In another Whatsapp audio message, Apostle Mamombe is heard saying his marriage to Barbara was the great work of God.

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He claimed that for four years, his estranged wife has been accusing him of a number of things, including extra-marital affairs.

Rosemary confirmed that her marriage to Apostle Mamombe was never the same from 2018 when Barbara joined Voices of God International Ministries Hebron Assembly.

“My marriage to Apostle Mamombe changed from 2018 when Barbara joined the Ministry,” she said.

“Later, she became Apostle’s favourite girl in church, and she was entrusted with most church business.

“She would travel with Apostle outside Kadoma for church business and little did I know that the two were having a romantic affair.

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“I am still legally married to Apostle Mamombe despite all that is going on in South Africa between the two.

“If Barbara comes back to Zimbabwe, I’m going to approach the courts.”


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