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Chinese Company Offers Amputated Employee US$2,000 and Rural House as Compensation

An employee of a Chinese chrome mining firm named Amazon is currently at odds with the company over a job mishap that left him or her permanently injured.

Earlier this year, Kudzai Masauso, a security guard at Amazon’s chrome mine in Mutorashanga, was electrocuted while on duty. As a result, he spent months in the hospital, had his left arm amputated, and suffered severe deformity.

A dispute has arisen regarding the compensation offer, which Masauso deems inadequate. Amazon has proposed constructing a five-roomed house for him in Mutorashanga and providing US$2,000 in financial compensation.

Masauso argues, “The offer does not demonstrate any form of remorse for what happened to me. I am now disabled due to the company’s negligence, and their offer, in total, does not exceed US$5,000.”

Chinese Company Offers Amputated Employee US$2,000 and Rural House as Compensation

He has further emphasized that his condition prevents him from engaging in rural labour, which typically requires able-bodied individuals. Therefore, he wishes to relocate to a town where he believes he could find employment despite his disability.

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“I cannot secure employment with just one arm in rural areas, so if they intend to build me a house, it should be in Mvurwi town, where I can seek employment without constraints related to my physical condition,” he stated. He added that he expects a total settlement of no less than US$30,000.

Masauso is married and has one child with his wife.

In response to these claims, an Amazon coordinator identified only as Emma confirmed that they had reached an agreement on an undisclosed compensation amount and the construction of a house. However, the final paperwork has not yet been signed.

“We have agreed to build a house for him and provide some financial assistance for him to start a business,” Emma stated.

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