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Chinese National Accused in Cynide Scandal Claims She is a Diplomat to Evade Arrest

Chinese National Accused in Cynide Scandal Claims She is a Diplomat to Evade Arrest

A Chinese national who was arrested yesterday at the Harare magistrate court on allegations of smuggling more than 100 tonnes of Cynide has claimed to be a diplomat.

Li Song who is facing several allegations that include moneylaundering, extenalisation, theft and attempted murder has been released by the National Prosecuting Authority to the amusement of the complainants who have a solid evidence against her.

According to the source who attended the vetting process Li Song claimed to be a diplomat who is immune from arrest in the country and the members of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission went to the Chinese embassy to verify her claim..
According to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officers Somg was taken to Avondale police station cells for verification.

The notorious Chinese national has been implicated in various offences in the country and is also suspected to be one of the suspect in the poisoning of elephants with Cynide in the country.

Song is accused of externalizing more than US$11 million to an offshore bank account and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is a complainant in the case.

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Song was arrested at the Harare magistrates court by members of Zacc and is expected to appear in court today.

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According to the source Li improtedd more than 100 tonnes of Cynide but was later found with 40 tonnes which was stores at different places in a bid to use it in court to obstruct the course of justice.

Li was recently summons to appear in court on May 21 on allegations of externalization and moneylaundering which Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is the complainant.

She is accused of externalizing US$11 million through the central bank after manufacturing invoices to get forex at the bank’s auction system.

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The Chinese national who is also referred as a defacto ambassador of China is also facing allegations of attempting to kill her business partner Franesco Marconati who is the owner of Eagle Italian Leather and Shoes.

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