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Chipinge District Reports Lowest HIV Rates in Manicaland Province

Chipinge District Reports Lowest HIV Rates in Manicaland Province

Chipinge District, located in Manicaland Province, has emerged with the lowest HIV incidence and prevalence rates, as announced by Manicaland Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Advocate Misheck Mugadza. Mugadza disclosed these statistics during the belated 2023 Provincial World AIDS Day commemorations held at Gaza Stadium in Chipinge last Friday.

According to Mugadza, Chipinge District boasts a remarkably low HIV incidence of 0.12% and a prevalence rate of 8.2%. In contrast, Makoni District faces higher rates, with an HIV incidence of 0.17% and a prevalence rate of 12.35%.

Highlighting the progress made in combating HIV/AIDS in Manicaland, Mugadza mentioned a significant reduction in HIV prevalence from 22.86% in 1996 to 9.65% by 2022. Furthermore, Manicaland has achieved epidemic control, with the number of new HIV infections dropping below the number of deaths.

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However, Mugadza also pointed out challenges, such as higher rates of new infections among women compared to men. He emphasized the importance of community involvement, particularly in addressing intergenerational sex that puts young girls and women between 10 to 24 years old at heightened risk of HIV/AIDS.

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While strides have been made in preventing mother-to-child transmission, Mugadza stressed the need for women to utilize available HIV prevention services to further reduce transmission rates. Additionally, James Mutemera, Chipinge Town Secretary, urged residents to combat stigmatization against people living with HIV.

The event saw the participation of various organizations, including FACT, the National AIDS Council, and development partners committed to eradicating HIV/AIDS, underscoring the collaborative efforts aimed at achieving a healthier and HIV-free future for Manicaland Province.

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