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Chitungwiza Landlady Fabricates Tenant’s Death to Source Money For Outstanding Bills!

In a pretty strange plot, a landlady in Zengeza, Chitungwiza, and his 49-year-old tenant, Kenny Tore, planned to stage his own demise.

This bold plan was hatched by Kenny and his landlord Concilia Tabvunya as a ruse to get his family to pay the US$380 in unpaid bills and backdated rent that had accumulated over a four-month period.

This peculiar scheme came to pass when Tenson, Kenny Tore’s older brother, failed to pay him the sums he owed. Desperate to get his money back, Kenny and his landlady, Concilia Tabvunya, came up with an amazing plan: pretend Kenny was dead.

In a confession that gives the story a bizarre twist, Kenny told H-Metro that he voluntarily chose to take part in this scheme to force his older brother to pay back his outstanding bills.

Concilia was the one who decided to falsify a message to Kenny’s family, telling them that he had passed away.

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When Kenny’s ex-wife received the message, she started the process of obtaining a funeral policy for her ex-husband without realising it was a joke.

Concilia declared, “It’s true that I called Kenny’s relatives after agreeing with him, telling them about a fake death because he has been suffering because his brother hasn’t been paying him his dues.”

Upon their arrival at the residence to grieve for their “death,” Kenny’s family was shocked to learn the truth.

They departed the property in a fit of rage, abandoning a bewildering trail of dishonesty behind them, unable to pay the accumulating rent and expenses.

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