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Chiwita explores ‘Chihure’ extramarital affairs in debut novel

Chiwita explores 'Chihure' extramarital affairs in debut novel
Placidia Chiwita

Rising author Placidia Chiwita has delivered a masterpiece in her debut novel, “Poisoned Passion”. A tale of a young woman who finds love in the most unlikely places, the book mirrors modern day society where extramarital affairs, though not encouraged, seem fashionable.

It follows the life of a young Gwendolyn who falls in love with her mechanic, a single father.

She goes against societal norms, knowing even in the early stages of their relationship that they would end up getting married.

Having been raised by a loving stepmother, she devoted herself to loving Curtis’ child as her own, that later on after their marriage, she adopts her.

By all accounts, she is a good woman, one who makes her own income as a lingerie designer and Bead and Breakfast owner.

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Everything changes when Curtis turns out to be a serial cheat.

True to the adage, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, Gwendolyn grows into a spiteful, calculative woman who stops at nothing to exert revenge.

She sets her own conniving sister up to be gang-raped, forces her husband’s mistress to abort her pregnancy and spikes another mistress’ tea leading to another abortion.

In the end she murders her husband and pins the crime on her mistress, who ends up committing suicide.

“Poisoned Passion”, well resonates with many tales of women who go to lengths to revenge torment they would have suffered at the hands of men.

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It outlines how many women have now turned to revenge cheating and how the boundaries like sleeping with one’s father in law are now being broken.

Chiwita said it took her four months to write the book.

“My main inspiration was to provide entertainment,” she said. “I just wanted to give people a few hours of relief from the everyday stress as they are transported into the imaginary world I created.”

Chiwita said she had a good support system. “I decided to start writing in October 2021 and I was mostly clueless about how to get started,” she said. “The women writers support network and Mr Choga really helped me by pointing me in the right direction.

“Once I started, what was left was to follow through and complete the novel. I didn’t want to be one of those writers who took many years to complete a book, I wanted the book done and in the readers hands as soon as possible.

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“The whole process made me confident in myself and I can safely say I have evolved into a better version of myself where writing is concerned. Having gone through the process and learned, I am positive the road ahead will be smoother.”

Chiwita has in the past published short stories, but this was her first attempt at a novel. “The experience was pretty surreal,” she said. “Just seeing my dream of being a published author finally being realised was the best thing ever.”

Chiwita said the book was well received by readers.

“They loved it and say reading it was a thrilling experience, which makes me feel good because that was the whole point of writing it,” she said. “Of course there are other readers who seem to think that I need serious prayers.”

The book is filled with suggestive scenes, something that is not popular with local writers.

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Chiwita said it took a lot of hard work and dedication to come up with the book.

“The realisation that to be a writer, I actually had to write, was one of the challenges I faced,” she said. “Writing is hard, I won’t lie, it needs a lot of inspiration, dedication, discipline and there were times I hit dead ends where the storyline was concerned.

“I tended to procrastinate a lot and was constantly low on motivation. What got me through was having accountability partners who were so faithful in checking in that I ended up pushing myself to write so that I don’t disappoint.

“Then came the process of publishing. I initially wanted to go the traditional publishing route, but wasn’t successful. The self publishing route meant I had to finance everything myself which wasn’t a very favourable option but its the route most writers are taking in Zimbabwe.

“It was after I was sitting on a completed ‘Posioned Passion’ for six months that I finally decided to go ahead and publish. I raised the necessary funds and commissioned Bluescroll Consultancy and we got the ball rolling.”

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Chiwita said she was working on her next book to be published in March next year.

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