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City Of Harare Starts Preparing For the Rains!

City Of Harare Starts Preparing For the Rains!

Harare City Council has started cleaning the city drainages in preparation for the fast-approaching rainy season.

The central business district has suffered flash floods in the past due to late preparations for the rainy season and later cries of foul.

According to the Deputy Mayor for Harare Kudzai Kadzombe, the council has started cleaning storm water drains in preparation for the rains to prevent flooding. Illegal vending and a lack of bins around the CBD are too blameworthy; lasting solutions will be proffered, she said.

Kadzombe’s statement is also a warning to vendors who illegally erect their stalls on the roadside and also throw trash in the drainage way.

Despite efforts by the Harare City Council in the past to issue vendors with stalls away from the CBD, they have seen little effect as they have remained adamant about vending in the city center.

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