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Cyclone Freddy surrenders Benz As ZBC presenter is acquitted of extortion

Cyclone Freddy surrenders Benz As ZBC presenter is acquitted of extortion

ZBC presenter, Rutendo Makuti, who was being accused of extorting Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, has been found not guilty of the offence.

Makuti, who was being charged together with Witness Bungu (Chief Chikwaka), Mutetepi Maushe and Gibson Jaji, was acquitted after Prophet Freddy tendered a withdrawal affidavit.

In the affidavit tendered to magistrate Yeukai Dzuda, Prophet Freddy said he has taken counsel from his lawyers and the parties have pursued an amicable settlement on the issue.

In the affidavit, Prophet Freddy said:

“I withdraw after plea the charges against all the accused persons freely, voluntarily, without any undue influence or duress having been exerted on me, without admission of any wrongdoing on my part and without prejudice to any defence the accused persons may have had on the merits.

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“Without admission of liability or any form of wrongdoing, I agree that:

  • I withdraw the present complaint with the consent of the State, after plea, and that I do not object to a verdict of ‘not guilty and acquitted’ being entered.
  • I will cause the vehicle, forming the basis of the charges, namely a Mercedes Benz, black in colour, to be released into Rutendo Makuti’s custody to deal with the same as she pleases, I undertake to all such things and execute all such documents as are prescribed by law or custom to give effect to the foregoing.
  • I undertake that I will maintain peace and civility towards the accused persons and will not speak ill, prejudicially or negatively about the accused persons regarding this matter on social media, mainstream print media or any of the platforms where it’s likely that the same will be published.”

The State was alleging that Makuti and her uncle Bungu together with Maushe and Jaji who were police officers connived to extort him of his Mercedes Benz in order to conceal rape allegations against him.

Freddy was tried and acquitted of the rape allegations that had been raised by Makuti.

In other news,

Socialite Mai TT arrested for fraud, theft of Trust Property


Mai TT approached Rachel Mhuka saying she was in need of US$10 000 so that she could start a business. She allegedly volunteered to give Mhuka a Mercedes Benz (AFF9759), which she claimed belonged to her, as surety.

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Mai Titi

She allegedly offered Mhuka an Audi Q5 (AFG3701) and an expired passport as surety. Sometime in January this year, Mhuka was then approached by police from ZRP Rhodesville, who then seized the…Read More

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