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Ruwa residents woke up to their worst possible experience on Saturday morning when a dam wall at Farm Banks in Ruwa collapsed.

The dam was the main water source at Banks Farm.”I saw a lady crossing this area sprinting and I suspected she had seen something so I went there to see what was happening.

“As I was walking down to the gate, I heard a huge tremor and the next thing the dam was flooding,” said Elias, who stays close to the farm.

He thanked God as there was no one else crossing at the time.

The major cause of the collapse could not be ascertained as no warning signs were evident.The dam was a source of irrigation to hectares of onions and flowers at the farm.

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Some of the affected areas include Spey Bay and Two Keys recreational areas.Property at the two areas were destroyed and power was interrupted.

A woman who identified herself as Mashiringo, whose house is close to the dam. praised God as there were no deaths recorded.

“Some people around this area regularly come for fishing and laundry and I am very happy that no one was in the river that time, otherwise we could be mourning.

“Children also come to play at a pool but when this happened no one was there, I believe God intervened,” she said.

For some, it was time for business.”I have five full buckets and from here I will be selling the fish and ducks,” said a man only identified as Rasta.

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Another one added:”Nyama haisi kutengeka mudzimba umu, saka nehove idzi tatofarawo,” said Mai Makanaka.Efforts to contact the owner of the farm were fruitless.

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