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Decibel Drops two Tracks

Decibel Drops two Tracks

United Kingdom-based musician, Daniel “Decibel” Mazhandu, released two tracks from his latest album titled Kumusha.

He said the track Kumusha is about reconnecting with one’s roots.

Decibel has been dropping some teasers off his album with the second song, Black Woman, which was produced by Jusa Demento, also out.

The Chido hit maker said people should not forget where they came from.

“I wrote it from the perspective of munhu ari kunze, whether it’s SA or Europe.

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“We all miss home and, sometimes, we think kumusha kuri nani.

“I instrumentally recorded it live in acoustic since I wanted the focus to be on the message.

“I wanted it to sound as raw and honest as possible because I think a lot of people can relate and it will pull on their heart strings.”

Decibel has teamed up with brothers, Bkay & Kazz, for a reunion concert in Sheffield UK, on June 3.

In December, the singer returned home for the first in 17 years.

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“It has been a challenge reaching out to my Zimbabwean music fans but it never affected my drive,” he said back then.

“I’m so excited but, at the same time, you get butterflies in the stomach.

“I have not connected with my fans for a while now.

“I am definitely the same person (although) 17 years is a long time.

“Maybe, my accent changed slightly, maybe my complexion, superficially, but the man inside is still the same straight-shooting, genuine, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy.

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“A typical boy from Pangolin, DB ready to have a good time.”


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