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Diamond Company CEO ‘Dr Mabhudhu’ In Mjolo Scandal!

Diamond Company CEO 'Dr Mabhudhu' In Mjolo Scandal!

A ZIMBABWE Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) worker has threatened to expose senior company officials pestering her for sex, H-Metro has established.

Rutendo Mangatu, the ZCDC information technology chief, told H-Metro that she had been subjected to sexual harassment from the time she joined the company on attachment in 2017.

Her threats come in the wake of allegations circulating at the diamond company that she was having an affair with the suspended ZCDC chief executive, Mark Mabhudhu.

The huge allowances she received for foreign trips with Mabhudhu were questioned soon after his suspension.

Rutendo denied she had a relationship with Mabhudhu.

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“I am aware of the people circulating rumours that Dr Mabhudhu promoted me into his office for sexual favours,” said Rutendo.

“These allegations are provoking me to expose the real culprits who have been sexually harassing me since I joined the company on attachment.

“I have the love messages they sent to me, with some promising better working conditions if I was to give in to their sexual demands, but I turned them down.

“My background is what matters.

“I am an orphan and that forced me to be serious with my career and Dr Mabhudhu is the one who grasped it and elevated me to work in his office.

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“There was no way I could continue receiving a low salary and allowances after being promoted to work in the CEO’s office.

“All the trips were approved above board and we were a team.”

She added: ‘‘ A number of female employees have been abused and I stood my ground and that is why they are after ruining my life.

“I will expose all of them as I have enough evidence to prove my case.

“They want to destroy a girl child born in a poor family in Marange, who rose to where I am because of hard work and professionalism.

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“That won’t happen, I will expose them,” said Rutendo.

Mabhudhu also dismissed the allegations saying they were being used to tarnish his image since he was on suspension.

“I was never in love with Rutendo as alleged and people are saying this just to tarnish my image because I am on suspension.

“They never raised this issue when I was in office, why now?” asked Mabhudhu.

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