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Did Danielle Mazhindu Left The Villa? Worst Love Island Performance In History!

Did Danielle Mazhindu Left The Villa? Worst Love Island Performance In History!

After ‘disappearing’ from screens during Tuesday’s programme, Love Island viewers are certain that a Casa Amor female has’secretly departed the resort’.

Danielle Mazhindu, a newcomer to the ITV programme, made her debut on Sunday when she came into the main villa as a bombshell.

However, it appears that the islander has avoided cameras since her arrival, especially since the controversy has heated up.

With heads turning and pandemonium brewing, fans are wondering if the 25-year-old Liverpudlian beauty has discreetly departed the villa after only seeing her briefly since her arrival.

Some fans were quick to note her absence on Twitter when the programme aired.

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‘Danielle had about five seconds of screen time, I don’t recall what she even said!’ remarked one admirer.

‘At this time, Danielle is a member of the production and camera team,’ said a second.

‘I actually haven’t seen Danielle since the initial glance, you know,’ admitted a third.

‘They’ve actually got Danielle holding the camera,’ said a fourth.

‘Someone please tell me where Danielle is,’ implored a fifth. ‘I have no idea what she sounds like.’

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‘Danielle came for the free vacation. A sixth person said, “The girl is basically an extra.”

‘I’m sorry, but has someone accidently locked Danielle someplace in the property,’ said another.

The original females moved to a new Casa Amor villa this year, but the original guys stayed in the old.

They’ve all been introduced to a slew of fresh bombshells in preparation for the ultimate relationship test.

Danielle told the cameras during her introduction on Sunday, ‘I’ve dated everyone in Liverpool and if not them, their cousins.’

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‘I’m not scared to go in for someone who’s in a pair,’ she continued.

‘Everyone is already in a relationship, so you’ll have to split them apart. That’s what the game is all about.’

Danielle, an occupational therapy student who also works as a recruiting assistant, is not the Casa Amor islander to worry viewers.

Fans had a similar complaint about Benjamin Noel, a 26-year-old London fitness company owner.

He was only seen a few times in Monday’s episode, having introduced himself to the girls on Sunday night.

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Elsewhere in the episode, viewers were left fuming after Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble finally shared a reunion kiss.


Molly, 21, just returned to the Casa Amor villa after being dumped after Kady McDermott, 27, who was initially in season two, opted to couple up with Zachariah, 25.

While Molly had previously made Zachariah fight for her affections, including rejecting him when he tried to kiss her on Monday’s episode, she ultimately gave in on Tuesday, and the two locked lips.

The moment, however, did not go over well with viewers, who concluded that they were being set up to win the show and demanded that they both be sent out of the house as soon as possible.

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One individual took to Twitter to vent their displeasure, writing, ‘They’re handing Molly and Zach the winners cut.’

Another person wrote: ‘How this is all going I’ll not be surprised if Molly & Zach win even though I don’t care for them.’

‘I guess the plan is for Molly & Zach to win?’, wrote another viewer, while someone else shared: ‘If zach and molly win.. we will riot.’

Another viewer wrote: ‘They’re really setting up Molly and Zach to win,’ while someone else posted: ‘The producers really forcing molly and zach on us with that kiss.’

‘Can we all collectively dump Molly & Zach in the next dumping,’ tweeted another viewer, while someone else remarked: ‘We need to do all we can to get molly and zach out of that villa.’

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Another fan posted: ‘Molly propaganda’s driving me mad get her off my screen zach looks like he’s been pushed into being with her.’

While someone else shared: ‘Anyone else catch Molly looking at the camera numerous times after kissing Zach? Get this fake actress off my screen! I wouldn’t mind her if she was entertaining, but she’s drier than a piece of unbuttered toast.’

And another viewer commented: ‘Imagine Molly uses Zach to get back in the villa, then does a 180 and goes after someone else – most likely Scott. Scenes.’

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