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DJ Fantan refused entry, Dr Obadiah Moyo, arrived for Levels’ initial hearing

Levels reduced to nothing!

Zimdancehall producer Levels arrives at the Harare Magistrates Court, this morning. He is expected to appear in court on allegations of raping singer Shashl.

Chillspot DJ Levels was arrested yesterday by police after he had gone for some time missing. He is being accused by his ex girlfriend of sexually abusing her.

Shashl has today visited the Borrowdale police station for questioning. At the police station, she was seen with Fantan.

DJ Fantan refused entry at Magistrates Court

In solidarity with his daughter, Shashl’s father, former minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo, arrived for Levels’ initial hearing this morning.

The minister has been quiet for a very long time since his ouster. His appearance at the court has proved the depth of this case and how they are taking this case serious.

On the other hand DJ Fantan had been denied entry due to improper dressing which he later changed.

In other news,

Twitter influencer ‘Lincoln Shoko’ perishes in a horrific accident


Former Chinhoyi University and MSU students woke up to sad news that Lincoln Shoko has died.

Twitter influencer'Lincoln Shoko' dies in a horrific accident

Lincoln is well known for his provoking tweets and his way of explaining reality. He died today along Bulawayo Road after the car he was driving collided with a truck.

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