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Doek & Slay Now The Most Talked About Event In Zimbabwe – ‘Woman Goes Viral Dancing On Stage’

Doek & Slay Now The Most Talked About Event In Zimbabwe - 'Woman Goes Viral Dancing On Stage'

Doek and Slay is now probably the most attended event in the whole of Zimbabwe considering the numbers that we saw at their Mutare show.

The number of women, who are attending to this event, are now simply staggering.

It even appears as if the women, in the various cities, are now in competition to try and show each other which city pulled the largest crowd.

A few weeks ago, Doek & Slay broke all records, in terms of attendance figures, when more than 10 000 women converged at Alex Sports Club for the event.

The entertainment was provided by Jah Prayzah and Feli Nandi.

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Last week, the organisers of the event took it to Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo where there was also a huge attendance by women.

On Sunday, the event rolled into Mutare when Feli Nandi and Enzo Ishall were the musicians with the responsibility to provide the entertainment.

And, once again, the turnout was huge.

“There is no doubt about it that this is a concept which the women have embraced and the numbers are just exploding,” said a music promoter, who chose not to be named.

“For our industry, this is a good because it is showing that we still have life and if we come up with a good script, the people can come and enjoy.

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“The women also seem to like a party where they are just together without the guys around.

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“I think these guys should start looking at the possibility of taking their show to places like England, in the summer, and South Africa.

“I am sure the response will be good too.”

The attendance at the Harare event this year remains the highest but there was enough numbers in both Bulawayo and Mutare for the organisers to feel it was worth the initiative to take their show to those two cities.

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