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On the social media site, hundreds of thousands of people were responding to a purportedly leaked video that seemed to include the Canadian rapper performing in the nude.

Adin Ross, a well-known Kick streamer who has already starred in videos with Drake, 37, chose to voicemail him about the footage.

Ross said in the social media footage, “We were simply looking at the… It’s insane, man, for crying out loud.

“You have a missile; you have a voice; you have the ability to perform; you are fortunate to be you; you are fortunate to be number one.”

Subsequently, Ross states that Drake responded to his text, “putting like eight laughing emojis” and implying that he may use the streamer’s voice note for his “next album intro.”

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Drake hasn’t made any public remarks on the purported leak, which Ross and others have surmised could have been captured on camera aboard his private flight.

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A request for comment was turned down by Drake’s reps.

The video was released weeks after Taylor Swift’s deepfake photos went viral on X, in violation of the platform’s policies prohibiting such content.

The pop diva was shown in provocative and improper poses in what seemed to be artificial intelligence (AI)-generated photographs.

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