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Drama As Witch From Zambia Crash Lands In Budiriro, Zimbabwe

Drama As Witch From Zambia Crash Lands In Budiriro, Zimbabwe

Harare | To the surprise of locals, an elderly woman thought to be a witch crashed into a sewage stream in Budiriro West, close to Cabs homes.

The neighbourhood was soon abuzz with rumours about the fallen witch, and many people rushed to get a look.

In a video that Harare Live was able to obtain, the anonymous woman claimed that she crashed into a sewage-filled creek early on Thursday morning after taking off in a flying saucer from Chiawa/Chiaba, Zambia.

Chiawa is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River.

She said she almost drowned but was fortunate to live.

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During her early morning responsibilities, Maria Chiwesi, a resident of the Mukomboni neighbourhood, noticed the naked woman and informed her neighbours.

She was given some appropriate clothes assistance and asked for nourishment, specifically oatmeal. She added that her stomach cannot tolerate sadza, so she doesn’t eat it.

She expressed surprise at the amusement people were taking in from seeing a fallen witch and said that nothing unusual had happened, since people in her community were used to seeing such things.

The woman acknowledged that she was a witch and expressed obvious annoyance at people taking films.

She further disclosed that, despite being married in Zvimba, Zimbabwe, she was residing in Zambia and had abandoned her kids there.

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She was concerned that her husband and daughter-in-law may perish since she had left them under a spell that she was supposed to break before it was too late, but the police were taking their time to arrive.

After being called, cops were taken to the Budiriro 2 police station to conduct additional inquiries. How she will get back is still unknown.

View the video down below:

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