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Police Officer Kills Arrested For Killing Pregnant Wife While Filming It

Durban metro police officer was arrested for allegedly fatally stabbing girlfriend and filming her dying moments

A 27-year-old Durban Metro Police officer has been arrested for allegedly fatally stabbing his girlfriend, who was also an officer. The incident occurred inside a flat on Joseph Nduli Street in Durban on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said the suspect took videos and pictures of his girlfriend taking her last breath and distributed it to several people as well as social media.

It’s alleged that the couple were consuming alcohol when the man allegedly stabbed the woman to death in the early hours of Sunday.

Information we received disclose that the suspect was taken to the Police by family members.

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Durban metro police spokesperson Colonel Boysie Zungu confirmed the incident.

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“Although the abuse of liquor and other substances could be attributed to the suspect’s actions, it is not yet clear what could have led to the stabbing,” said Netshiunda.

The suspect is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

One user wrote:

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It’s true that the law holds individuals accountable for their reactions

However, it’s also essential to understand the underlying factors that contribute to such reactions and address them to prevent future incidents.

Striking a balance between holding individuals accountable and addressing root causes is crucial for creating a fair and just society.

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Nathi Mlangeni IV
Apr 1
“I think South Africa should reconsider capital punishment. We can’t go on like this.”🤞🏿

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MZulu wa Limpopo
Apr 1
“After watching a video understand why other countries still have death penalty”

Apr 1
“What do you mean the Alcohol 🍷 may have play the role” this guy know exactly what he was doing .. stop justifying nonsense… hand him over to the community

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