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‘Emmanuel Fundira’s’ Fraudulent Past Casts Doubt on His Capability to Chair NSSA Fund

'Emmanuel Fundira's' Fraudulent Past Casts Doubt on His Capability to Chair NSSA Fund

Harare | NSSA board chairman Mr Emmanuel Fundira has come under criticism after it was revealed that he utilised pension money to finance his high-end automobile.

Fundira allegedly acquired a Land Cruiser Defender using money from the pension fund, according to evidence gathered by ZiMetro News.

Fundira is no stranger to deception, which raises concerns about his selection as Chairman of the NSSA Board.

In 2015, Fundirai, while chairing Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (ATZ), came under scrutiny for withdrawing US$40 000 in “board oversight fees” between December 2014 and April 2015, despite the fact that the parastatal did not provide for such allowances.

Around the same time, he was also sucked into a scandal involving US$20 000 that was supposed to be donated to Zanu-PF’s December 2014 National Congress but did not reach the recipient.

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According to court documents obtained by ZiMetro News, Dr Kanyekanye made extraordinary allegations that the Environment, Water, and Climate Ministry questioned the whereabouts of the US$20,000, which was supposed to be handed over to the ruling party.

NSSA Board Chair 'Emmanuel Fundira' Forced to Return Vehicle After Presidential Intervention!

Dr Kanyekanye’s lawyer, Mr Alex Mambosasa, requested the corporation to examine the missing US$20,000 in documents presented to the Labour and Social Services Ministry (Department of Labour Administration) on January 16, 2015.

According to a paper trail created by ZiMetro News, nothing was done and no investigations were ever completed, raising the possibility of (chioko muhomwe) corruption.

Despite the intervention of the Presidential office, Mr Fundira has remained hesitant and, according to one opinion, “he has not returned the car.”

“NSSA has national projects, and I was given a car to carry them out.” It is incorrect to imply that I took the automobile after our minister approved the purchase. “I know such utterances are coming from an aggrieved section who are not happy with what I am doing,” he remarked, referring to the organization’s changes.

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After the previous board was accused of stealing millions of dollars in excessive allowances and perks from unpaid retirees living in extreme poverty, Fundira was appointed.

Despite failing to meet its objective of developing sustainable social security plans for government workers in Zimbabwe, NSSA has demonstrated its ability to delight top executives through generous allowances.

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1 Comment

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    September 24, 2023 at 11:01 am

    A fish rots from the head !

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