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Epworth Sangoma Impregnates Married Woman

Epworth Sangoma Impregnates Married Woman

After he tricked a married woman into divorcing her husband and then getting pregnant, the 60-year-old sangoma was taken into custody on Tuesday.

It was rumoured that Darlington Mabudu, also referred to as Sekuru Nyashanu in Epworth, had seduced Faith Macha and given her bogus life predictions.

She was charged US$150 by him to be “cleaned,” but she was unable to raise the required funds.

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He informed Faith that she needed to file for divorce because her spouse was the cause of her bad luck.

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Mabudu informed Faith he had to go to Shamva with him so they could get more assistance, and they stayed there together as husband and wife.

According to Faith, “Sekuru met me on the road and persuaded me that he had spiritual abilities to see my problems in life.”

“I told my mother about it, and we talked to him about it, but we didn’t give him the $150 he was demanding.

He afterwards consented to perform purification rituals at no cost.

“We ended up sharing a bed because Sekuru persuaded my mother that he had to take me to different spirit mediums in Shamva and Westgate.”

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She continued, saying:

He gave me orders to divorce my husband on the grounds that he was the source of my bad luck and to give him custody of my child.

Asi akazondiramba achiti mazuva enhumbu arikupesana tadzoka kuShamva ndakazodanana neumwe mukomana.

“Sekuru Nyashanu was the reason of this, and I ended up staying with Sekuru at his friend’s Westgate home.

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My mother searched for me after Sekuru Nyashanu took away my cell phone, and when she found out where I was, she came to forcibly remove me.

“My pregnancy is a result of Sekuru Nyashanu. I was duped by Sekuru Nyashanu and accepted his deceptive illusions. He got me pregnant and made me divorce my spouse.

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