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Fastjet Facing Criticism For Charging $300 For A Domestic Flight From Kariba to Harare!

Fastjet to introduce two new destinations

Due to the outrageous fees they are asking for their Harare to Kariba roundtrip flights, Fastjet airline is receiving criticism and backlash from the general population.

The airline has unveiled a new price structure for the Harare to Kariba return route. The airline primarily operates regional routes linking South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

Social media users angrily question their claim that this pricing was a special deal that included all taxes.

Fastjet’s announcement of the “discounted” fare for return flights from Harare to Kariba set up a storm of criticism on social media.

Many users took to X and other platforms to express their dismay at what they consider unjustifiable pricing for domestic travel.

Critics questioned the transparency of Fastjet’s pricing, wondering if additional charges for food and drinks would be imposed on top of the already high fare.

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