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Fear Women: Woman Showers Boyfriend With Boiling Water!

Fear Women: Woman Showers Boyfriend With Boiling Water!

South Africa: A South African woman is currently under fire after it was revealed that she poured boiling water on her live-in boyfriend and caused permanent damage to his now-ex boyfriend’s body.

What has been described as the most excruciating pain for a man or anyone for that matter to experience is getting poured hot boiling water.

Below is the full story:


“Not me thinking I’ve gotten the woman of my life and deciding to commit to this girl who seemed to me like she’s the ideal woman to spend my life with when all I was doing was signing my own death sentence.

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I even went to an extent of introducing this person to all my family and friends and she became a major part of my life. She was welcomed into my home with warm hands.

You’d swear she had a love potion on me. From 2019 till recently I never had any doubt she’s the one. I never even laid a hand on her, or any woman for that matter coz I’m so against GBV and beating up someone who can’t fight back.

So I tolerated her disrespect and direct words telling me I’m a coward coz I just took things lightly and thought it’s because we’re arguing so she’ll come around.

It was up until this past weekend when I decided to cut ties with her because as a man, you just know when your girl is up to no good and there were also rumors of her being involved with other guys while I was at school in joburg and left her at my parent’s house since she had personal issues staying at her own home so as her boyfriend I thought it’s safer for her there.

So I came back home to tell her we’re over and she should leave my premises. This is when she went crazy and made several attempts of killing me. The last attempt leading to permanent damage on my face and body as she showered me with boiling water. In front of my family bro!

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I’m in hospital as I’m typing and thinking about all of this is slowly killing me. I wish I knew what valid reasons she had to do something so heartless when I only had good intentions for her.

I’m damaged for life and she’s still out there living her best life. I’m sure if tables were turned I would’ve been in prison as we speak. She can apologize all she wants but it doesn’t even replace a graft of my skin. After death, fear women!”

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