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Former ZTA CEO Karikoga Kaseke Dies

Former ZTA CEO Karikoga Kaseke Dies Image via X
Former ZTA CEO Karikoga Kaseke Dies Image via X

Former ZTA CEO Karikoga Kaseke Dies

The former CEO of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), Karikoga Kaseke has passed away at the age of 62. Kaseke, who had been battling health issues since suffering a significant stroke in 2018, breathed his last in a private hospital in Harare earlier today.

The news of Kaseke’s demise was confirmed by his wife, Mrs. Irene Kaseke, who revealed that he had been admitted to a local hospital in Harare due to a deterioration in his health. Kaseke’s struggle with health complications began in 2018 when he suffered a debilitating stroke, which ultimately led to his retirement from his position at the ZTA on medical grounds.

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Throughout his tenure as CEO of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Kaseke played a pivotal role in promoting and enhancing the country’s tourism industry. His contributions were widely recognized, and he was instrumental in implementing various initiatives aimed at attracting tourists and boosting the economy through tourism.

Kaseke’s passing marks the end of an era in Zimbabwe’s tourism sector, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and commitment to the development of the industry. As news of his death spreads, tributes pour in from colleagues, friends, and stakeholders in the tourism sector, mourning the loss of a visionary leader.

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Mrs. Hazvineyi Kaseke-Nyamupinga, his sister, shared her sorrow, acknowledging the departure of not just a brother but also a guardian figure who held a revered position as a unifying force within the family.

At present, mourners are assembling at 38 Boscobel Drive West, Highlands, Harare, to offer their condolences and pay homage to the departed soul.

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