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Fraudster ‘Mercy Mushaninga’ Plans to Host Miss Curvy Mozambique After Scamming Zimbabwean Models

Fraudster 'Mercy Mushaninga' Plans to Host Miss Curvy Mozambique After Scamming Zimbabwean Models

Former top model and Zim Gossip Model Agency founder, Mercy Mushaninga, was convicted of defrauding five models of a combined $10,200 over a failed 2022 Dubai modeling event. Ordered to repay the money and complete 350 hours of community service, Mushaninga has failed to comply with these court mandates.

Mushaninga (47) was sentenced to 28 months in jail by Ms. Yeukai Dzuda, with six months suspended for good behavior, 12 months suspended upon repayment of the defrauded money by December 21, and six months suspended upon completion of 350 hours of community service at Belvedere Vehicle Inspectorate Department.

In court, Mushaninga cited her role as a single parent and caretaker of her late brother’s children. Despite this, Prosecutor Mr. Bornface Musvaire argued for a stringent penalty to protect victims.

Recent reports indicate that Mushaninga has not refunded the money and is planning another event in Dubai this year. This has raised significant concerns within the community, particularly among those affected by the previous event’s financial and emotional toll.

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A concerned individual highlighted these issues, stressing the need for immediate action to prevent further harm. They urged authorities to suspend Mushaninga’s new pageant activities until she resolves outstanding balances from the previous event, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability to restore community trust.

Community members seek intervention to recover lost funds and prevent future fraudulent activities, ensuring justice for the affected families and protecting their interests.

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