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Gardener Killed Over $2 By Boss’s Son!

Katsimberis intimidates prosecutors, Deputy Prosecutor General Reza Speaks!

Harare | A Highfield man who died on Monday last week after being stabbed three times with a kitchen knife over US$2 was buried on Saturday at Mbudzi Cemetery.

Tendai Hove, 39, allegedly stabbed Godwin Mututa, the victim. Tendai Hove has subsequently appeared in the Harare Magistrates’ Court on a charge of murder.

He was placed on standard remand until December 3.

For many years, Mr. Mutata worked as a gardener at Hove’s parents’ home in Canaan, Zororo.

Grievers voiced their amazement at the murder, pointing out that Mr. Mutata and Hove had been friends for many years and were practically like family.

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They alleged that on November 20, Hove requested Mr. Mutata for US$2 so that he could purchase beer.

When he later asked for his money back, Hove told him to wait while he fetched it from the house.

Hove instead returned with a kitchen knife and stabbed Mr Mutata three times on the shoulder.

Mr Mutata collapsed and died instantly.

One of the mourners, Emily Mukakiwa, said:

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“The suspect anga abva kuCanada kwaanogara. Akakwereta mari yekutenga doro kumukomana webasa wekumba kwavo.

“When he asked for his US$2 back, he was stabbed with a knife on the shoulder and died.”

Another mourner blamed drug abuse.

“Drug issues are rampant and these are some of the reasons why these young people are killing each other like this,” said the mourner.

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