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Girl dies after a gas tank exploded during a sleepover at her boyfriend’s house

A young Chinhoyi girl died in an unlucky gas tank accident while making a supper for her boyfriend during a sleepover.

Blessed, a little girl from Cold Stream in Chinhoyi, suffered severe burns and died while being treated at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

She’d just graduated from college.

“She went to see a married man after his wife had left, so akatsva pakaputika gas achibika.”

“It’s sad because she had just finished college,” a source stated.

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The source said there was no body viewing conducted due to the serious burns sustained.

“No body viewing was conducted due to the excessive burns.

According to reports, there are two versions of this unfortunate incident with some saying the young lady was dating a married man while others say she was having a sleepover at her equally young boyfriend’s place.

In this particular version of events, the girl’s boyfriend declined to attend a church event that was scheduled to take place from Friday to Sunday.

Without his parents’ knowledge, he decided to stay behind and invited his friend and their girlfriends for a sleepover.

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After contacting his friend, the plan was set into motion, resulting in their girlfriends joining them at the residence.

Tragically, a gas tank exploded while the girlfriend was cooking food for the four of them, resulting in severe burns.

One version recounts that the boyfriend rushed her to a hospital where, unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries.

In this version shared by socialite Jackie Ngarande, the young lady was dating a married man and had gone for a sleepover as the man’s wife was away.

The version warned young women not to be in relationships with other women’s husbands. The version reads:

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Mrng tete ndangochinhongawo post it Pliz and hide yambirai vana sikana vasadanana nevarume vevanhu
[26/06, 18:09] Guys manzwawo hre musikna weku Cold Stream ..atsva ne gas achibika ari ku sleepover kwa bae buh azofira ku Hre hospital
6/26, Mumwe wenyu aputikirwa ne gas ari.ku sleepover huyai ticheme
[6/26,ehee afa akazo fira kuhospital hake….anga ayenda ku sleep over kumba kwe murume we munhu madam vanga vambo famba famba so kari busy kubika gas bvara putika

She was buried at White City cemetery on Wednesday.

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